Bassnectar calls out big name DJs that have lost the love for the music. I’m so glad he did this and I think all of us should take a second to realize what we are being fed by the Big Room DJs. In my opinion, I don’t appreciate artists that are involved only for the money. Lets get back to the love, the passion, the experimentation. 


I respect Lorin but honestly there’s a time and place for everything and you know what, a lot of these producers spend their time in the studio and that’s where they excel. Just because someone is a producer doesn’t always mean they’re the best DJ but they do shows to tour. Just because he doesn’t like a certain type of music doesn’t mean there aren’t others who do. Let people enjoy what they want to and stop making it seem like there is “right” genre of music to listen to. Yeah some of these DJs arent crazy like Laidback Luke or use crazy ableton setup like deadmau5 or bassnectar, but that doesn’t mean they cant do what they love as well

A lot of them just straight up suck dick at producing and can’t DJ for shit tho. It’s not really a matter of genre. It’s that people have settled into this generic sound where you can’t even tell the difference. Nobody has their own sound anymore. If you listen to a lot of music from the 90s you’ll find that you could tell the difference between different genres and different DJs. It sounds like everyone is playing the same shit now.

No one is forcing you to listen to those people though right? Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, deadmau5, griz, seven lions, feed me, nero, dieselboy, gramatik… I could list hundreds of artists who don’t conform to this “generic sound” if you don’t like it then simply just do not listen to it. 


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